Totally local graubündenVIVA – the project
Culinary and regional specialities from the Alps

The aim of graubündenVIVA is to champion and preserve Graubünden’s heritage. The movement uses a variety of projects and events in the culinary and cultural fields to showcase specialities and traditions unique to the region.

Bringing regional heritage to a global audience

From designer furniture made from Graubünden wood to a shop selling 100% regional products and age-old traditions which have been reimagined, graubündenVIVA shines a light on all things local. With a range of exciting projects, events and platforms, the movement is helping to bring Alpine quality from Graubünden to national and international audiences.

Living in Graubünden
At home in Graubünden

Along with attractive and innovative jobs in Switzerland’s largest canton, you can also find a home. Attractive living situations, diverse educational opportunities and a wide range of leisure time activities with associations, clubs and cultural offerings are awaiting you and your family. And all that naturally in the midst of regenerating nature.


Life in Graubünden is defined by contrasts: nature coalesces with innovation, community with individualism, and culture with lifestyle – a mixture that lets each individual and the community flourish. Find out what makes the canton an ideal place to live.


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